Thursday, September 22, 2011

Utah Adventures

This past week I was in Eagle Mountain, Utah staying with my old college roommates family. The roommate had just gotten married so I was coming out to see her and meet the man, but only spent two hours with them. They were a cute couple. We went to In-N-Out burger, twas yummy!

Rachel and I!

John Christian would give me Flowers everyday!

We were in the mountains :)
This family is what most would call "odd." They home school, eat mostly only organic, don't listen to the radio, and the biggie. They don't have a TV! In my head I was like I'm going to die! But I didn't miss it at all. They have horses, I went horseback riding, I helped the 8 or 11 children home with their homework. The children will watch a TV shows on their mom's laptop through netflix, so at night we would watch an episode... or 2. I introduced them to Monk, and got the children hooked I think.
More mountains

I got to go to the Salt Lake City Temple, which was also different. I had been in the basement but never upstairs, as many of you know they do things a little different so it was a fun experience.

Church was also different. While the format was the same, the people were not.  I got one word: white. Here you got a little of everything, there notta. While there is nothing wrong with this, it can (and has) lead to very narrow views within the church. Think about it, Church head quarters are in Utah, most members in Utah are white. And some of the meanest members I've met are in Utah I saw 6 black children, all adopted.  My 2nd cousin adopted 8 black children, all teased called names, and the mom got hate letters, e-mails and calls for what she had done. I thought we were supposed to be Christ like? Show love one to another? The family I stayed with the dad is Chinese so the children are half Chinese. They all get teased and called names. If you're not white in Utah, you're gonna be treated differently.

Esther and baby Noah!
Ephraim eating!
While there I learned new ways to come closer to Heavenly Father, and i hope to apply them to my home. I hope to go back soon to see them all!
That was the view!