Sunday, July 3, 2011

Compare and Contrast

One of the families that I work with is very active in their church, Mclean Bible Church. Which is a non-denominational Christian church. Here they have a full band, choir, and then professional singers. This is a 180 from a Mormon service. And I must say, it was AMAZAING! The dad majored in Tuba performance he is the conductor of the band, then his wife works in disability services and performs the flute, she majored in flute performance. I know why Mormon's don't have a band, etc. But still! If we are supposed to invite the spirit through music, I think we can still do it with a little oopmh! Now the Sermon. The overall subject was bringing up America, all the points he made was exactly what we believe in. BUT, there were some small but key difference:

#1: Where we learn to be like Christ: Pastor Solomon went through this long list of activities at church, But he completely left out the home. You can go to church and do all you want, but if there no charity at home then what's the point?

#2: How to share the message: Local people have heard of Mclean Bible. They have little things on the radio called "not a sermon just a thought" which are very point blank. While talking to the radio people they asked "why don't you do it like the Mormons and be warm and fuzzy?" He said that his job was not be to make us feel better, but to share the Gospel. Mclean Bible, in the past (I don't know about now) has been Anti- Mormon. I couldn't help but chuckle!
They just started a program called being "on the front line" what is this program? Why they go outside! They talk to people, they are MISSIONARIES! I couldn't help but laugh! We've been doing this from the beginning of the church and Mclean Bible, who, like all churchs, claims to be the true church, just started this.

And I liked how the service was just an hour and 15min. What caught me off guard was the style of praying they would just say "let us pray" and in to the prayer they went. The first time I was confused till I saw that people near me had their eyes closes. I need a warning so I can prep, you know? What was distracting was the during the prayer is when the band would come on and off. How can THEY pray if their walking and getting situated. While strategically this  the time, spiritually, it's the last time.

The thing that has always drawn me in. Is how they do so much for people with disabilities. The head pastor's daughter has disabilities. Since this they have all kinds of accommodations set up camps, lectures, Sunday School classes, and then the biggest and possibly best is what is called Jill's house . It's a "hotel" for children with disabilities. Parent's can leave their children here for up to 4 days. To just get a brake from all the constant needs. Fully staffed with a sensory room and all. While I may not support the church's gospel, I fully support (and even recommended) the services they provide for children with disabilities.

It was very interesting to see while I didn't disagree with some of the little things, which can add up to be big. In the overall message and thought, all Christians come together.