Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fourteen Years

It’s amazing how time flies. One minute you graduated high school the next you’re almost done with college. And some things seem like a life time ago…

It’s also amazing how everyone reacts differently to the surprise loss of a loved one. Some cling to their memory, some never seem to move on, others push it to the side to forget the pain. 

Fourteen years.

It was fourteen years today (September 10) that Troy lost is mother. She and Troy were out looking at property. Next thing they knew they were sharing the same space as a pickup truck. 

She died on impact. 

My favorite picture of Kelli
Troy was airlifted to a hospital, and for a minute there was a question if he was going to join his mother. But he pulled through. Few know the full story of what Troy went through to be where he is today. 

Troy loving his horse

Kelli was loved by many. She was a passionate and determined woman. She had a great love for animals, she showed dogs and horses. These are things she instilled in Troy.

This is where our Kelli gets her name. I wanted to wait till she was born to name her, but part of me knew it was going to be Kelli. Sure enough, as soon as I held her, I told Troy.

“Her name is Kelli.”

It’s amazing how our little Kelli has developed some of these same loves and characteristics as her grandmother so early in life. She walks up to every dog she sees and has to tell them hi and pet them. She walks around horses like she’s the boss, despite the fact that these animals could step on her without even realizing it. We've gotten many comments on how they look very much alike.

"It's an animal. It. Must. Be. Touched"
Kelli is pretty determined. Despite having a small vocabulary, she gets her wants across loud and clear. She pushes, shoves, and screams, till she gets what she wants. Despite this she can (when she feels so inclined) be very caring. She’s very aware when people are sad or upset. 

No doubt the two Kelli’s have spent these past 14 years getting to know each other. They probably sat up there with their bowls of popcorn watching Troy and I. Laughing as we stumble to prepare for each other. 

Before we left for Montana I promised myself I wasn’t going to bring her up. I didn’t want to open up any wounds that had finally started to heal. But here and there she would come up, and I’d get to know a new part of her. And I’d ask a few questions, then leave it. 

I never met her, but I feel like I know her. I’ve heard so many stories, seen so many pictures. And over the next fourteen years I hope I get to know her a little bit better.