Monday, December 17, 2012

Shift of Priorities

Being a student and pregnant is not easy. I think you have to be one heck of a person to be able to maintain that 4.0 while your brain turns to what feels like mush. Keeping up with school work and working is, as any working student will tell you, a handful.

I found trying to work and go to school and prep for being a mom impossible. Something had to give, and getting ready for being a mom was what got cut. I went to the doctors, and fit in what ever tests or shots they wanted done. But the fun decorating the nursery, shopping for the baby stuff, and simply just prepping hasn't happened.

With finals done, and all left to do is sit by the computer waiting for grades to be finalized I've been able to start some of the fun stuff. Today I went to The Children's Place and bought a cute clearance outfit. 

 I was able to start thinking about a baby shower and who I would want to come.

I'm excited to be able to take time to prep for being a mom and adjust to the whole life changing experience. 
Next is to figure out how you be a mom with a baby at home, and go to school...