Friday, August 26, 2011

The King and Princess

Helping Julia wrap some Christmas presents

When I was in high school in June, I think Sophomore year. Gwen decided she HAD to have a cat. Mom caved and said fine. So on some Saturday Gwen, Dad, Jenna, and I went to the fairfax county shelter on West Ox Road. We played with three cats and none of was really "us" then I looked at the very end top cage. This 17 pound cat with a nick in his ear and I looked at each other in the eyes and I told the rest of the group "this is the cat" we took him in the play room and there was an instant connection.

His name was Henry.
Under the Christmas Tree

Dad filled out the adoption papers, we were all so excited. The officer brought him out and said "he is the sweetest cat here. I thought for sure he'd be gone the first day... I guess he was waiting for you" We took him in the car and the poor guy meowed the whole time. We stopped at Petsmart and got some cat things since we had NOTHING. Gwen stayed in the car and Jenna and I went to town. Henry was 7-8 so he was already set in his ways. He would not go in anything with a cover, and would much prefer to sit on your lap than play with some fake mouse.

Henry became apart of the family very quick. Mom would take a lint roller to him so he wouldn't get hair ALL over. Dad played with him. Gwen petted him. And I did everything else. I took him to the vet, etc. He was in the Christmas cards, we let him in and out as he willed and fed him as he willed. Which was a problem since he was a big guy.
Time for Henry to go out!

Henry soon got the middle name Arnold. After the family therapist. Henry Arnold Hills, is what we yelled when he was in trouble. And he knew it! We called him King Henry. He was truly the King of the house, and our hearts.

The first vet visit we found out ALL his teeth were rotten. We took him to a dentist. This was the dentist for the National Zoo. Very nice man. He had what was basically Osteoporosis of the teeth, $3,000 later Henry was toothless and very happy. Funny thing was, after his teeth were pulled. He would only eat dry food. Talk about odd.

Henry lived a happy care free life. The only worry was "when will I get my food?" and "When can I come in or out?"

About 3 months ago it was decided that it was best for all if Henry came to live with Troy and I. We were so thrilled. Here he got to go on the porch and sleep all day with no one to disturb him, then get all the love he wanted at night.

Henry had a sensitive stomach, which got him on prescription diet. But once he moved in with Troy and I vet visits were often since he had what we called "butt problems" every 3-4 weeks the vet prodded and gave him a baboon butt. But he was still as happy as he could be.

About 2 weeks ago we noticed he went form 3/4 a cup of food to 1/4. He should have been eating about 7/8 a cup. I called and left a message with the vet. But wasn't over ally concerned... in the beginning. He started coughing, and not eating a whole bunch but drinking water like it was candy! The vet called a week later when she was in the office. I only take Henry to one vet. She said he needs to come in tonight. She said she couldn't see him but she'd brief her a colleague and stay in touch. We came in and said his physical exam was great. He had gone from 20.3- 16lbs. Which he said was pretty fast for only a month. He wanted to blood tests and if needed an x-ray.

We left Henry for a few hours and went to Costco. At 8:30 when the vet was supposed to call I started calling, there had been several emergencies so he was busy, but promised he'd call within the hour. I was getting anxious at this point.

20 minutes later I got a call. He said "Julia, I have to be blunt, it's not good." He tells me has severe Kindney failure and I have 3 options
1. 3 day hospitalization that had a 50% success rate and cost $1,500.
2. Take him home and do IV fluids twice a day and give him a phosphate binder since his phosphate was high
3. Put him down

I started balling. He said come in, see him and we can discuss it.

We decided to bring him home. Henry's Keratin levels were 9.3. They are supposed to be MAX for a good kidney 2.4. The next day Henry's regular vet called, we decided to test his levels again on Thursday and if they didn't go down then it was time.  We knew this was just a good bye time. I didn't cook or clean at all till today. We both spent all the time we could with him. Crying and laughing.
Thursday came and his numbers had barely improved. She fully supported us in putting him down. Troy, Gwen, and I were in the room. The vet who had been with Henry for 2 years started crying. We said our good byes and left.
The King in his Throne

Troy and I went straight to the temple. We didn't care about traffic, weather, or anything. We were going to the temple. I was so at peace as we started the Endowment session. I payed attention to the animals, and knew he was with Heavenly Father getting all his tummy rubs and salmon flavored food he wanted with no pain. And no weight gain for that matter. Henry will always be in our hearts, no one will be able to replace him.

Today Troy and I took somethings to the Shelter to donate. Next thing I knew we were in the cat room. Looking saying oh and aw. We decided "just play" with this one kitten. Tabitha. Of course it wasn't just play. Next thing I knew we signed adoption papers. Tabitha is a 2 month old Tabby. We prayed after we signed the papers and knew it was right. Henry wanted us to rescue another cat, just like we rescued him.Troy called her a lil Princess. Do not think we didn't grieve Henry, or not respect him. 

We know Henry is happy, and wants us to be happy.
Jenna and Henry having fun

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who Do You Depend On?

This week I've been thinking about dependence. As children we depend on our parents. We rely on them to keep us safe and run to them in times of sorrow. Pets depend on their owners to feed them. A wife depends on her husband, and a husband depends on his wife. But what if the person we depend on isn't quit what we need?

I've decided that Saturday is my cleaning day, I'll vacuum, change the sheets and do laundry, etc. I woke up and just started vacuuming since Henry was outside (he doesn't like the vacuum.)

I asked Troy to help, does Troy help?


He decided it was his day off.

After a heated debate he got up and did. The point is I depended on him to help. On a larger scale: When things started to get hard at home mom depended on the Ward to help, take people to the Doctor, bring a dinner here and there.

My old college roommate is getting married,  she depends on her future husband to be everything he can be and to do anything he can to help her, we'll see how long that lasts! Her mom just had a baby not too long ago, she depends on her husband to help her. And the baby depends on them to feed him and change his diaper.

But what happens when the people we depend on fall short? Divorce, neglect, dead pets, people going insane from having so much thrown at them. We should all do our part and think of the other person (especially in a marriage and family.)

This means we need to be careful who we depend on, you can never be too picky. I had my checklist. I think we should all have a checklist. Not one that says "tall, blonde hair, blue eyes" But one that has qualities, characteristics, in a person you can confidently depend on no matter what. Would you trust a child molester with a child. I hope not!

When you have someone with a disability there will always be a need for dependence.


My good friend Diane has ADD. She believes she could never live on her own. She can get her self up to work, do basic cooking, clean, she can manage money (on a small scale), WHY NOT!? When I said this too her she was in total shock. Doesn't mean you have to leave now, but don't think you can't in the future. Hailey will always need someone with her, she has full body tremors and seizures. But that doesn't mean she can't do things independently in the house.

But we can always depend on our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. If everyone else in your life fails, you KNOW you can always turn to him and he will let you know what is the best thing to do. 

So, be careful who you depend on. Make a list and stick to it. If the person you depend on his falling short, have a discussion, make your feelings and thoughts known. Take stronger course of action if needed. So, ask your self the simple question:

Who do I depend on?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

When you saw the title you prob thought "aw this will be like the movie." And it could be, I've only seen about 10min of it. So you tell me. But I thought it was an appropriate title.. and that's all I could think of.

EAT- I've been trying to be more Domestic in an attempt to save money. And just because I like the idea of being able to cook. It's gone OK. Troy hasn't died or gone to the hospital, which is good. But I haven't made any OMG meals. Partly because I haven't had the time to put forth the energy to produce said meal. And I'm trying to loose some weight, so when the cook doesn't want to eat the rest starve. :) The cook book for Busy Families is great. Simple and the meals are good. And I am sitting here eating Sweet Frog, for those of you who don't know is an AMAZING frozen yogurt place.

Pray- Maybe I should have just titled this PRAY, but I like Eat, Pray, Love better. As many of you know I'm preping for the Praxis. Well I just took a practice, and lets just say I think I might have to take it again after that. It goes up to like 8th grade math!

What is wrong with me!?!

I would like to know so that I can fix this. I need this to get into the school of Education, so failing is not really an option here! So there's been a lot of Prayers/ begging going on around here. Troy has decided to take classes here this semester so moving won't happen till the end of the semester at least.

This too has been a heavy topic in the Bouley apartment. We would love to go to ISU, but our butts don't seem to be moving!! Things at home have been hard, and for that praying has also become a common thing here. I refuse to move until I feel at peace that mom, dad, and Gwen will be able to rely on themselves and members fully.

Love- Through these past few weeks my love for my husband and the Savior has grown. Hearing him say his prayers and feeling the Savior acknowledge us has been very humbling. Note how I said acknowleding not answering.

My love for my job and the people that it entails. How many people say thank you for helping me in the shower? Change clothes? Taking me out with friends? For spending an extra 45min after I was supposed to leave just to make sure that you had a ride home.

And of course my love for the Hills', while the trasition to not living there and being as envolved as been a trying one, it has all finally come together. And my love for education.

I hope we all can have an Eat, Pray, Love moment in our life.. and please pray for my Praxis!!!