Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I'm Back!

So it’s been a while since I have blogged…. Like six months… So what have I been doing?! Well I got a job before I even graduated, I’ve been working at S. John Davis Career Center. I walked in January and instantly felt part of the team. This is a place for students with disabilities ages 18-22.  I’ve been teaching career skills and independent living skills. 
School webpage  has some of my students on the home page! 
What does that all mean? Well there you don’t stay in a classroom all day and talk about what you might do in a work setting. We actually got to go worksites! So I was assigned to Fairview Park Marriott. So my co-teacher and I, 12 students, and 2 IA’s would go every day. The students would do various tasks such as sweeping, cleaning tables, mopping floors, etc. But we had two big jobs. Stripping beds, we’d go in the rooms before housekeeping strip the beds and take out trash. Second, was my favorite; dishes. I was the only one who went up there, no one else wanted too, but the students LOVED it. They load the mega dishwasher and when they came out all clean they would put them in their appropriate spot. Don’t get me wrong; it could get gross. Used plates, pots and pans with various mixtures on them, ew! But the people where amazing, it was always busy, they had music, and I got to be loud. J The dishwashing machine is as you can imagine, loud. So I would have to yell over it, I loved it. There were days I would be up there all day with different students. I was so sad when we stopped going for the year. But I've been able to stay in contact with some of my favorite people. :) 
We had to wear black and white everyday. I was excited to spice it up with my new sunglasses
They provided these amazing lunches, I’m talking salmon, steak, with mashed potatoes and sautéed veggies. After spending most of the day there we would come back to the school and they would have class. It rotated between social skills and independent living skills.
Social skills is all about how to appropriately interact with people, saying good morning, reading facial expressions, etc. Then independent living skills (my class!) was everything the students need to know to live on their own. How to manage a bank account, what to do in an emergency, reading time, everything you could think of!
Now something else this school does is something called travel training. The students are given a stipend from the county and we would use that to take them to various places. They have to take the public bus, budget, and make purchases. We would take trips such as bowling, going to the mall, and going to various places for lunch. But every time we had to sit down and figure out which bus we would take, when did we want to leave, did they have enough money to buy the large soda. It’s the hands on training that they all need, yet rarely get. It was a learning experience for me, the only time I took the public bus was when I was in DC. But I am proud to report that when I went out with my students we never got lost and I always brought them all back. J  It’s been a great experience, the staff are great and the students have been a joy. 
Took some kids travel training to Union Station and tried this hat on.

But due to some other people’s decisions (I’m not going to bash people) I am not returning. I was so upset when I was told. It’s been such a great experience, but clearly I am meant for something greater. Where am I going next?

The Classroom

Excellent question… I’ll let you know when I do.