Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Day For ME!?

My birthday is coming up!

People keep asking me what I want, and I just stare at them thinking:

 "What do I want?"

Confused at the whole idea that I could personally want something.

Not for Kelli, or Troy, or Thomas, or all of us. For ME.

I couldn't find a picture of just me... but Kelli is cute, so it works.

People have rattled off ideas:

"Clothes?" I have many clothes.

"A night away?" Not sure if I'm ready to leave Kelli.

"A date night?' Troy just had his birthday, maybe I'll take a night alone.

"A night alone?" I don' want to leave Kelli and Troy.

"A spa day?" Ok that I would take.

But as people have rattled these off I realized I really haven't gotten anything or done anything for ME since... I got married.  Except the occasional pedicure.

This is something I think all mothers and wives do. We get swallowed up by the children's needs and the house work, and the husband's needs, that we put ourselves on hold. How many mothers have canceled or postponed a simple doctors appointment to stay home with a sick child? Or to make it to the school play?

But when do we come back to ourselves?

When we've reached the breaking point? When there is no floors to scrub, or people to feed? When there is no bills sitting on the desk?

Some women have that amazing husband that will tell them:

"Go get your nails done, I got the kids." or "I'll scrub the floors, you've done a lot today."

For some it never ends. And we need to be able to say "I need a break." Even if the laundry is a mile high, or dinner needs to be cooked.

So what do I want for my birthday?

I don't know.

But I do know, that I want something for lil old me.