Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"He Wanted To Say"

Lately I've been listening to my ipod when I'm in the car. And I picked musicals today, and I got a song from the musical Ragtime. I saw it at the Kennedy with Robyn years ago, and I LOVED IT! If it's ever playing near you, go see it! It's about America during the 50's... I think. When immigration was at it's peak and Booker T. Washington was doing what he could for racism. You follow a white family, a Jewish father and daughter, and a black women and her boyfriend who have a son. You see what their lives are like separately and how they affect each other It's an amazing story and show.
During the play the oldest white son wants to help Cole House (the black boyfriend). He comes in and he's frozen. He has all this stuff running through his mind, he wants to give him this big speech, tell him I'll help you, I'm with you, I'll do what I can. But that's not what he says. Watch the clip, not the greatest picture quality but it's the song and great.


But this got me thinking. How many times do we walk into a room or situation and got this giant speech in our head, but what comes out is "I agree" or a very shortened version of what we wanted to say without the great punch lines or great come backs. Or we get so intimated/forgetful and just say nothing. This is something that we all go through.
I've gotten a lot better about this. I don't let people intimate me, I don't really care how tall or smart you are, you can't push me around!
Sometimes things go the other way, things play in your favor.

My point is: Speak your mind! Don't be scared or afraid to share your opinion, story, thoughts, or experiences. Now sometimes you do have to keep your mouth shut, but use your judgement.

As Cole House says "Make them hear you"