Saturday, January 25, 2014

"The Errand Of Angels is Given to Women"

Today started normal. It was a typical Saturday. I woke up and got Diane and we were going out and about, running errands, etc.

We went to Red Robin (yum!) for lunch. And typical Diane went on her phone to check facebook towards the end of lunch.

Then the day took a change.

She looked at me and said "oh my goodness, Julz. Have you seen this?"
My friend had posted she was at the ER with her 16 month old daughter. She had swallowed a penny and it was stuck in her throat. She was able to breath, but that was it. She couldn't eat or drink and barely speak.

The X-ray

At first I was like "oh no! she'll call if she needs me." Then I thought about it more. Her husband typically works Saturdays and is about an hour away. And her mom travels....The thought of her alone with her baby at their first ER trip made me sick.

I tried to call, but she didn't answer. I told Diane I needed to go to the hospital. With out skipping a beat she replied "I'm going with you" was her reply. We went straight to Fair Oaks Hospital. We showed up right as they were getting ready to transfer them to Fairfax Pediatric ER were they would  put her under and remove the penny.

The Penny

I basically left Diane in the parking lot, I was running. I ran in and my poor friend was sobbing, her daughter throwing up and her husband just unsure of what to do. We agreed I would take Diane home and I would meet them at Fairfax.

The whole time there two things happened:
1. I hit every red light. Every darn one. I'm unsure if Heavenly Father was teaching me patience or Satan trying to stop me.

2. I couldn't get the words out of my head "The errands of angels is given to women." The whole drive and whole time I was there. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Having been to Fairfax with Kelli a month earlier and going every week the previous year I knew my way mostly around. I was able to direct her mom and home teachers to the room. And stay with my friend's mom while my friend and her husband were with their daughter in recovery.

When I got to Fairfax they asked if I had any relation to the patient. I said her mother was my sister... Not a total lie, right? 

Chloe went under and got the penny removed with out a hitch. Diane new the ENT that preformed the removal and kept reassuring us "she's in good hands." I'm happy to say she's home and starting to be her old self again.

I reflected on my experience at the hospital with Kelli. I was terrified. I kept myself together. I knew I had to be calm for Kelli.

But you know what I needed?

A friend.

My home teachers were busy, my visiting teachers never called, a few friends called when I had arrived at Fairfax and at that point was done. I was so dehydrated, so hungry, so sick of doctors, nothing was going to help me at that point. 

The doctors, nurses, radiologist, etc are focused on the child. On their comfort, needs, wants, etc. your spouse is also focused on the child.

But no one is looking out for the parents.
Have they eaten? Slept? Or even just gone to the bathroom? Are they comfortable?

I needed someone to just sit there with me. To talk to me about the new movie out, or the latest celebrity gossip. I needed that joke or that hug.

And I didn't get it.

But I wanted my friend to have that.

So while I didn't really do anything, I hope I made that joke or gave her that hug that was needed.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What I Learned from a Movie

Troy and I got to go on a date last night. It was the first time in a while that we got to go out, just the two of us. We went to the movies to see Catching Fire since Troy hasn't seen it yet. But they sold out. We looked at what else was playing, and decided to see Mandela.

What I didn't see

I don't know a lot about him. I read the rugby book Invictus, and to be honest I can't remember a whole bunch. But the movie was powerful none the less. There were two big lessons I took from his life.

1. Fight for what you believe in...peacefully.

Today we just go with the flow. I've caught myself doing it. We just accept what is in front of us and try to work around it or with it. But why not try to change it?
Why not attend a (peaceful) rally for something you believe in? 
I've attended a few rallies for something I believe in.  One was to educate women on their options for birth, the second was to remove the term "mentally retarded." Two things I feel strongly about. Both of these rallies were quiet. But we were heard.
In the movie when Medela was sent to jail he told his friends "we are going to make the guards respect us." Everyone was confused how this was going to happen. He simply stated "we are going to ask them for pants." They had been given shorts. Through this simple request that he quietly yet repeatedly put in. They got their pants... And the respect of the guards.

2. Never give up.

"The more they oppress us the harder we fight."- Winnie Mendela.
Nelson Mendela served 27 years in prison. Then he became the President of South Africa. Never give up. It may seem like the harder you fight the worse it gets. But if it's something you truly believe in, and believe is best for you, your family, neighbor hood, etc. I bet you might be surprised on the outcome.
If life seems like it's thrown you a crappy hand. Do what you can to make it happen. I did not plan on having any children til I was done with school. When I found out I was pregnant I thought about quitting. "How can do I do it all?" is what I kept asking myself.... And I still ask myself. But I've been able to push through. I continue to go to school and do well. I will never give up.