Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ta Da!

What do you think!?!? I decided it was time to change, or at least update my pictures. I told my dear friend Misty to go with her muse and this what I got. Far cooler than I ever imagined!!

I had to think of something to write to debut my amazing new look. I was flipping through old posts to give me some inspiration. Only to realize I never wrote about work after I actually started working. SO. As I said earlier I am a special education science teacher. There is three of us, one for 7th grade, one for 8th and then me. The one who teaches BOTH 7th AND 8th grade. For those of you who are unfamiliar with 7th and 8th grade science curriculum in the state of VA they are totally different. 7th is biology. 8th grade is ½ chemistry and ½ physics. Two totally different lesson preps. I do a mix of self-contained classes and team taught.

My feelings on this fancy position has changed as the year has gone on.  In the beginning, I thought I was going to leave. I had no idea what I was doing, no materials, people coming in and out to observe me, then observe different students. But then things started to settle, my coworkers picked me up, gave me materials, and sent me in the classroom with a diet coke.
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Science Department Halloween Costumes

December I knew I could make it through the year but I didn’t know what I wanted after that.

January I had to figure out what I was doing again after the break. But I was really starting to love doing both grades. My 7th graders are so sweet, they get so excited when they see me, want to tell me of all their achievements and their latest discoveries. My 8th graders are sassy soon to be high schoolers wanting to mess with me and get a rise. And I have my special Harry Potter students who come up to me at every class (I have about 1 in each class) and tell me about where they are in the book, what they think will happen, etc.

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February came and crazy me started to talk to the office about next year. Yup, I went in there and asked to do the 7/8 split again. You are probably thinking what I was thinking when I walked out of the office “What just happened?”

What I have learned about myself in this last year is never say I won't do something. Because there is a chance I will!