Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stuck on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving I got to spend in Arizona with my husbands family and it was great! We didn't do a lot but just spending time with them was great. We stayed with his Grandma Mary. I love her. Her and I are two peas in a pod. We love to talk, boy do we love to talk! Our conversations could go on for hours.
Grandma Mary and Troy

One thing we did do was go hiking on Silly Mountain, it was actually a lot of fun. I know, the first thing to your mind is:
Silly Mountain

"Who is this imposter?... Julia doesn't hike!"

And I don't. By no means do I have a desire to go hiking every week. But once a year is good. ;)

It was my idea to go up the mountain. I didn't want go through the Arizona Botanical Gardens... How many cactus's do I need to see?!

So we started our way up. I had Kelli strapped on my back in my fancy Boba carrier (I love my Boba!) and up we went.

Kelli Loves the Boba

Now as many as you know, you can't just go straight up the hill (which in my mind is silly) but you have to walk on a diagonal. So up we went. And we were doing great! I felt good I was excited to get to the top and see the the other mountains and the city from another view.

There was some rocky points, and even a cactus slap tab in the middle of the path. And I kept pushing through

But then I saw a snake.

He was just lounging on the path. Sunbathing. Not a care in the world. Troy says he was maybe 8 inches, but I stand by he was at least 2 feet long!

And I turned around. I started yelling "Done! All done!" And started walking down. Troy kept asking "are you really going to let a little snake stop you?"
And my answer every time was a faithful "Yes!"

So we turned around and started heading back. But then we say another trail. So we started going up that one. And we made it a little over half way. Until it was almost straight up on rocks.

Troy could do it, but I was hesitant with Kelli on back. So again we turned around.

Just before the rocks

We got in the car and drove back to Grandma Mary's. I was bummed we didn't make it to the top.

But it's the journey not the destination, right?
I started thinking about my life. About the times where it seemed really rocky. And how I would sit there and think "how am I supposed to get through this?"

About the cactus's that have been in the middle of my path and I have to find a creative way to get around it.

And yes, the snakes. The snakes that have made me quit and turn around. But there is always another path to try. And when that one fails we walk on a different one with the lessons learned. And we keep trying.

And eventually, some how. We might make it to the top.