Monday, August 27, 2012

Writer's Block

I live!! I've had writer's block this past month?
I've been wanting to post, but I haven't been able to think of WHAT to write about. A friend recommended how Troy and I met, I was like meh. It didn't strike my fancy. And it still hasn't.

This past week my Uncle Stan has been visiting with us. He's my dad's baby brother. Dad is the oldest of 4 brothers, poor Grandma Hills.

The brothers are split on positions of modern doctor/ pharmacy practices.  Two will die before they go back to a typical family doctor. And I do literally mean die. The other two, keep the doctors in business For those of you who know my family, you know, which side we're on. Monthly visits, need of refills, etc. And we're OK with that. We have no problem saying:

"you're darn right I have 7 doctors!"
"Yes, these are all my pills"

That's just how we feel and do things. We don't push that in people's faces, but if you're going to attack it, (in our kitchen), we're going to tell you what would happen with out it.

To name a few:

1. There would be no David or I

2. My sister would be unstable and able to progress the way she has

3. My father's Alzheimer's would (most likely) be progressing much faster

4. Me, David, and Gwen would not have been able to perform in school as well as we have.

After Stan had tried to persuade us to quit seeing our doctors and go to a nutritionist, (yes he sees a nutritionist for ALL of his medical needs) when ever he forgot something, or had a hard time seeing, etc we'd say "A doctor could fix that" or "You should have that looked at" We weren't being mean, just making a point.

***I'm not saying if you don't see a doctor you're an idiot, or that everyone should be seeing a doctor every month.

If you don't go to a doctor because that is your personal belief, I respect that. If you're in good enough condition that you don't need it, then you're blessed.
 However, don't tell me that taking some more root of this or herb of that will fix my problems, and that doctors only prescribe drugs because they get kick-backs. If you're going to the doctor for a routine exam and he says you need to take RX because of some random reason, that you know you don't have. Then you're seeing the wrong doctor. There are crazy doctors out there. But there are many great ones. I don't care if a doctor gets extra money for giving me medication that I need. I NEED IT! I don't care which doctor gives it to me.

Everyone has different views on modern medicine and there place. And they are all needed to make a balance, most people combine a homeopathic remedy with a prescription. In some cases you are fortunate enough to be able to just take a vitamin, or increase exercise.   And there are occasions where modern medicine is needed.

Does it matter?