Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Everyone has that one thing, or one place that is like going to a therapist and them fixing all your problems, and you walk out the door with out a care in the world. Depending on your situation going to the store might be cheaper than going to the therapist.

"Tell me what's wrong"

I love Costco.
My happy place.

It's dangerous when I go, but I always have fun and walk out feeling like I just went to church. I think if there was a Costco church, I would join that church.

One of two things always (and I mean 100% in the last three years) happens when I go:

1. I see someone I know and we stand and talk for hours or we walk around shopping and talking for hours.

2. I meet someone new, and we start talking for hours or walk around together shopping for hours.

Last week I went to get one thing (ha!).

I was looking at the baby clothes and saw this adorable swimsuit. (That I of course bought.) There was another mom with her daughter looking at the swimsuits and we were tearing apart the display together looking for the right sizes. 

And we started walking and talking. She was telling me how her husband was getting ready for his third deployment and she was scared their daughter wouldn't remember him when he got back. And then she started telling me how she was trying to figure out moving again (her first time alone and with a baby.)
I just listened, she went on and on about her problems. Somethings I don't think many people would share with a perfect stranger, I guess I look trustworthy?

I asked her if she was affiliated with a church that would be willing to help her move. And then she started crying. In the middle of the frozen food section.
I guess it weren't cold enough since she had a melt down. Get it?!

I just gave her hug. I didn't know how she was going to react. I thought either she would scream or just melt.

And the latter happened. She just sobbed for about five minutes on my shoulder. When her daughter started fussing she sprang up and was very apologetic for making a scene and getting mascara all over my shirt. Like I cared!

She said that her husband was dead set against organized religion. And that since they got married she stopped attending Mass.The past few weeks she had been contemplating going back. But whenever she told her husband he would convince her it was a bad idea. I don't think I've ever seen someone that torn on trying to make a decision. EVER.

She asked what made me ask her that, I stated I was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that helping each other out (such as helping someone move) was done every day.
Which turned into a long discussion of comparing and contrasting Mormonism and Catholicism.
At this point we got some pizza.

I could eat there everyday.

We were both so enthusiastic and curious what the other had to say. This went on for another hour (we were in Costco for three and half hours total).

We said our good byes and went our own ways.

Will she ever go back to Mass? I don't know.
Did she learn anything from this experience? I don't know.
Will her husband learn to accept any organized religion? I don't know.

Let me tell you what I learned:

 I learned to value my faith. I've received help I never would have, and met people that have forever made an impression on me.  It may not be perfect, but what church/religious organization is?

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I learned to value my husband. He may drive me crazy some days, and make me wish I had a shot gun. But he's there for me when I need him and has never left me.

There for me through thick and thin.