Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Talking Right is Overrated"

"Talking right is overrated." Is what Diane said at dinner on Wednesday night. We're sitting there enjoying our Ruby Tuesday steak and mashed potatoes chatting about what ever comes  to mind. Diane had managed to be able to get all the words right that night, but was having a problem pronouncing 'nutrients.'

Diane and I love our Ruby Tuesday steaks.

And this simple phrase got me thinking. It really is overrated. People get so caught up on saying the right word, pronouncing it the right way, or with the right accent. We constantly correct people in situations where it is inappropriate or really unnecessary. I too am guilty of this. 

At my house when we're done we say "da" just like Amy. It's so much more fun and easy. 'Done' is just so boring. I like "Amy's language" so much better. I bring many clients quarks home with me. It makes life more fun, and different. And we like to make things fun in my house.