Friday, March 8, 2013

Thank You

Yesterday was my first day back at work. In less than a month I went from an expectant mother to new mother to working mom.And then in May I'll be a working-student-mom. I'm glad I'm working, I needed to get out a little more. And as I was running around to get out the door and get Kelli settled with my mom going over how things should go, mom made the comment:

"...because I haven't had three children..."

Mom didn't kill anyone

And I stopped talking and just said "ok, bye."

And as I was on my way to the family's house I realized just how much love and support the little Bouley family has gotten. From my mom offering to watch Kelli and other mom's answering frantic text messages at odd hours to people buying big ticket items for her.

The initial reaction to "Baby Bouley" was all over the place. From screams of excitement and pure shock to a friend implying I should consider an abortion. And I was terrified as to how everything was going to work out. I knew this was not the ideal time, and several people asked "How is this going to work?"