Thursday, November 1, 2012

What REALLY Happens When You're Pregnant

You always here about pregnancy being a "beautiful thing," I'm here to fix that.


You read right, I said, HA!

Some women are like "I love being pregnant!' and how they maintain that positive attitude is beyond me. Here are some basics symptoms, remember it does widely vary.

Weight gain (which I am always reminded is GOOD in this situation) ;-)
Morning sickness
All day sickness
Sensitive stomach
Heart burn
Varicose Veins
Swelling of joints
Swelling of feet
Loose joints
Pregnancy Brain (you basically forget everything)
You can't bend well
You can't get up
Taste bud change
You pee every 5minutes (ok really two hours give or take) 
Sudden mood changes
Swelling of breasts
Swelling of abdomen
Stretch marks 
   ** Side note on stretch marks, many people use Bio Oil which I found out has some chemical that is a big no, no. I found Earth Mama Baby Angel Oil, to be fantastic! (Amazon:
The earlier you start the better!

And the list continues, but does any of that sound pleasant? Remember you get some combination of these, its not just one or two (unless your lucky.)

Then there's labor!! I don't think about, I seriously will start hyperventilating if I think about it long. I'll get to that post when I'm emotionally ready. But this is what I plan on it being like:

**Language disclaimer**

And why do we go through it? And for many it's multiple time.

You get this:


 Is it totally worth it?

I think the fact that the population continues to grow answers that. :-)


  1. It is amazing what we forget after the little one gets here! :) Agreed, not like being pregnant!!

  2. AMEN, sister. Oh, it's miserable. I am definitely not one of those "Isn't this heaven?" people. More like, "This better get me into heaven, because *language disclaimer*."
    And I'm only that blunt when I'm actually pregnant, so I'd better live it up while I can. Blessings for suffering, you know. I'm hoping it compensates.

    Search childbirth on my blog when you're ready to face the inevitable. ( Having been there, done it, without meds 5 times now, let me please assure you:
    Actually being pregnant is a millions times more miserable than the process of bringing that beautiful present OUT. Think about it. 12 hours or less (usually) vs. MONTHS of discomfort.

    What? Are you seriously going to make me login to wordpress to post my comment?

    Fine. But only this once, and only because I got to type *language disclaimer*

  3. What a fun post! I can totally relate. Tiffany, you are so lucky that you forget...I have been pregnant so much that its all I can remember...but I love people, and I love that I can help make them. :). But, my oh my! What a messy miracle!