Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Funny Things Are Everywhere

From there to here

From here to there

Funny things are everywhere.

            One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

 Dr. Seuss

There are funny things everywhere. It may not always be funny at the moment but looking back it can be pretty funny. At my grandpa’s funeral there wasn’t this doom and gloom feeling. It was sad, I miss my grandpa every day. But surrounding the event there are funny memories. The day after the funeral we were cleaning the house, while at the end we were ready to kill each other we kept cracking jokes. Like when we pulled out the “food storage” from 1960, I think it would have quickened death.

This morning I told Kelli to pick up something she threw. I gave here the “I mean it glare” and she gave it right back to me with a giant grin. I was so mad… But then I turned the corner and busted out laughing! How could I not laugh at that glare on a babies face. 

This semester I get to do an internship (called a Practicum.) In a classroom. FINALLY! After what feels like forever of talking about how to teach I finally get to do it! But I still haven’t gotten in the classroom. The semester started in August, all my classmates are almost done, and then there is me who hasn’t even started.

Why you ask?

 I haven’t gotten cleared. Whoever ODU uses did not like the electronic scan I got done, they wanted the old school get ink all over you ones. I blame those people. It takes 8 weeks for the whole processes. 8 STINKING WEEKS!! When I told the school HR she practically screamed "HOW COULD IT TAKE 8 WEEKS!?"

Why I haven't gotten to go in the classroom

I got the call the first week of school that they would have to be redone. I didn’t know what to do, should I drop the class? Should I stay? Along with this there are some tech issues to the class. My knee jerk reaction was drop the class. But my advisors told me to stick to it. At first my reaction was “they must be crazy. Why should I stick it out when I’ll lose 8 weeks!” They assured me if I was determined I could do it. 

After days of fighting with myself, which sometimes did result in me out loudly arguing with myself. Crazy, I know. I decided to stay. We are approaching the 8 week mark soon. I went to the Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) office today and got their fingerprinting done. (I have no criminal record but I have been fingerprinted 7 times.) The guy doing the printing had be 19 with hair close to my length. I told him so and we both laughed, apparently I am the first person to say this out loud. I get to pick up my badge on Friday (if I pass.)  All I heard was “your badge.” I got all giddy and walked out with a big grin. I've never gotten a fancy badge. It’s the little things right?
County I'm interning with
So what is the point of this post?
A- To tell the world I’m excited!

B- To remind you that while things might look and be dark, there is always at least one
“funny thing” to be found. 


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  1. I hope it works out with your finger prints!! Eight weeks seems like an amazingly long time for that process. Yay for student teaching!! (Is that what a practicum is?)