Friday, July 17, 2015



A work I thought I would never thought I would be able to say that word. 

In June my ODU classes ended, a week later my statistics class at Norther VA Community College started. Statistics. Yes, you are required to take STATISTICS to teach special education. Still not clear on how that is supposed to help me. But I digress…

End of June statistics ended. This means I have 2 months off. I haven’t had this long of a break since I took a semester off when Kelli was born.

Cute baby Kelli

 It’s weird. 

There’s no pressing assignments, no papers to write, no e-mails to send to a group member. It’s been great. When Kelli takes a nap I get to watch TV, or read, or even run an errand if someone is home. I’ve never had so much extra time. Time to do regular things! Nothing school related.

I’ve loved having so much time with Kelli. The mornings is just us. We get to do whatever we want. Go to the movies, playground, or her favorite, do something with her partner in crime.

Partners in crime

I’m loving every moment of it… As long as it doesn’t involve a meltdown. Another part of our daily routine right now. 

Troy is doing summer school, so he is home by noon and he will have all of August off. The afternoon we do something as a family. Something we rarely get to do during the school year. We’re hoping to throw in some day trips!
Quality time

So stay posted for the Bouley’s summer adventures! 

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