Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter Sunday. My Easter got started early this year. For a Mormon every Sunday is Easter, that is we always are reminded of what Jesus has done for us, not just once a year. We still have a special service, etc but the message is the same. Saturday we had choir (yes I sing the choir, I am capable of harmonizing with the person next to me) practice for the Easter program. Then Troy and I zipped up to the temple. We did an Endowment session (we are hoping to go every week at least until we get married) where the couple we had Temple prep with were going through for the first time, and my brother best friend was going through as well we found out when we got there, there were many other friends there. I saw them all in a different light as we were all standing waiting for the session dressed in white. After wards the couple was being sealed. This was the first one Troy and I had seen. What an amazing experience! It was so short and so simple yet so powerful. This isn't a "till death do you part" thing it's FOREVER! If you die you're still married to this person. So you better make sure you love them, or can at least stand them. On our way back to change I saw 2 friends Courtney and Cameron who were visiting home. I forget who said it but it's been said "there are no coincidences at the temple, every thing happens for a reason." Having been going to do Baptisms for the dead since I was 12, I've learned this on a personal level to be true.  After that I was done for the day, at least in the beginning going to the temple can really take it out of you because there is so much to digest and attempt to understand.
Sunday morning I woke up late. But I got to church on time, and sang in the choir. Troy's alarm didn't go off so he slept through church. It was my partners last Sunday, she's been wonderful! Usually churches are packed on Easter Sunday, this one has just a little fuller than usual. I've had up to 5-6 children in my Sunbeams calls, today there was 3. We did the Easter story and colored, like usual. Since it was Easter I made little treat bags. We got invited to the Whetzel's house for Easter dinner. Her youngest son was one of campers at summer rec and now I'm working with her daughter. This is a wonderful family, everyone is welcome with open arms and treated the same. Troy and I got Easter baskets! I haven't got one since I was like 8. And this was a real one, no math work books or underwear, no this was chocolate and gorgeous flower and more chocolate and a Disney princess puzzle. They have known me a year and I've been invited to family events. It's amazing! After they stuffed us with Ham and other goodies it was time to go. They gave us left overs and getting in the car I dropped the Mac n' cheese. I ran inside and she gave me more. When getting out of the car I dropped the meatballs. Thank goodness the Ham was spared! I think my blood sugars are just to high. I haven't had this great of an Easter in a long time. I was surrounded by love ones, and most importantly I truly remembered and understood why we celebrate this holiday.
"Christ the Lord has risen today Hallelujah"
He is Risen!
May we all remember the reason for this Holiday and give thanks to him who has risen.


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