Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Noah Please"

Since everyone seems to have a blog, I figured I'd start one. I got opinions and ideas that I'd like to share with the world. I may not be the best writer or speller (I apologize now), but why not.

 I am a personal caregiver to persons with disabilities. The government pays me to go into peoples homes and help parents with their children of all ages. I'm currently working with a 5 year old with CHARGE syndrome ( go here to learn about it Both parents work at Mclean Bible Church. Every morning when I come at 7:30AM during breakfast they are sitting as a family and listening to a Bible story or church related tape. What a way to start your day! The other daughter is 7 and goes to a private Christian school. The 5 year old's favorite is the Story of Noah's Ark. She says "Noah please!" She also has a Noah's ark set with animals and people. So we'll sit there and play with this while listening to Noah. I ask questions about the story and she answers them for the most part right. The older sister will jump in and play with us as well. It's so heart warming to see two sisters play together like nothing is wrong. So many siblings avoid the one with disabilities and keep the conversations short and impersonal. These 2 play like any other siblings would and fight like them too. I don't remember a time in my life where I was excited to wake up at 6:00AM to go to work. It's like a version of Seminary. It gets you all geared up for the rest of the day with the Holy Ghost right next to you. As a Sunbeam teacher (3-4 year old Sunday school teacher) it's even better. This 5 year old knows just as much if not more about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father then a good portion of the population, yet she has a disability... or Ability.
This family has changed my mornings and as a result my attitude for the whole day. As Mormons we talk about being a family and doing things together, learning as a family, etc. But how many of us do it? How many of us hold family dinner? How many of us have daily scripture study as family? But it's all talk! How many of actually do it?! I know I need to better about it. This family is an example to me.
Who would think that the family I work for, that I'm paid to be there, actually gives me so much more. 


  1. Julia, I love this first post! Thank you for sharing about a beautiful family like that. I wish I could see them myself!

    Also-LOVE the title of your blog! Keep it updated! :)