Thursday, May 12, 2011

9 Days and Counting

I've been struggling with idea's of what to write about and then I was like "DUH JULIA!!" I get married in 9 DAYS!! Many people have asked how do you feel? In my mind I think "what emotion am I NOT feeling?" It's so exciting, thrilling, and wonderful, but at the same time I'm terrified, scared to death, and over whelmed.

But knowing it will be in the temple is comforting. And that the people that are important in my life that are not able to come in will be outside waiting for Troy and I. 
Troy's dad and girlfriend fly in Wednesday, so I'm trying to think of the most effective way to clean early but not have to clean again right before he comes. Luckily one of my bosses told me my last day would be Tuesday and that she wouldn't have any argument. This was very helpful. Then my other job is only for 2 hours in the morning. Friday is the day I'll probably be having anxiety attacks. How do people sleep the night before their wedding? I mean, it's one of the biggest decisions and events in your life. How can you sleep knowing that? Benadryl, lots and lots of Benadryl I bet. Then we'll be in Myrtle Beach for 10 days.
A good friend of mine is a photographer, so I got some bridal shots done on Monday. My mom came and also wore her wedding dress. It was fun! We were next to a playground so all the children stopped and starred  at us. Awkward? Yes, but it was fun.

Saturday is the Bridal shower! My best friend is putting it together and holding it at someone from church's house. It should be fun, and it sounds like a lot of people will be able to make it!
This post is very confusing I'm sure, but to who ever reads this I hope that they get something out of it! 

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