Saturday, June 11, 2011

Time for us

I am legally Mrs. Bouley!

And it was amazing how fast it went. In ONE day I went to the Social Security office (only took 1hr) then straight to the DMV (3mi away and only took me 30min). I have ordered the wedding album and a separate reception album (each were $60 on shutterfly).

As you can imagine we haven't had much time for us. Both of us are working our butts off to make as much money as possible. Not only to pay off Troy's bills, (car repairs, he's more responsible with money then I'll ever be.)

And as some of you may know we want to move to Idaho. BYU-Idaho would be an amazing place for Troy to learn more about the church and what it means to be a Mormon. ISU (Idaho State University) has a SPED bachelors program at the Twin Falls campus (30min away from Rexburg). Rent is also significantly cheaper, while also finding  job is significantly harder! But we both feel that is where we will both succeeded the most. So we are trying to save as much money as possible. Last night Troy made the comment "

Are we ever going to have a day just to our selves?" when we were reviewing the schedule for today. I jokingly said "Nope!" But I later realized... This isn't funny! I want a day with my husband! We both work usually 7 days a week. While yes Troy can come with me and I can go with Troy to work sometimes. But what about that one-on-one time?

This morning we went to the temple, bright and early with my parents. As we sat in the Celestial room we realized since our honeymoon, this was one of the few times it's just us, sitting , for even just a little bit. How can you build a relationship with someone if the only time you see that someone is when you're going to bed! Later today we had stake conference. The theme is bringing souls to the lord.

Troy really wants to start doing his family history. We want to start doing that together, so how does a broke newlywed  couple find the time? I'll let ya know when I know! But I do know we are going to make more time for each other, hoping that every thing else will fall into place.

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  1. Even though it's super hard, just getting up a little earlier so you have 20 minutes to be together has helped us a lot. Often, we just stay up from being up all night with a newborn, but it does make a huge difference to talk without interruptions from the cell phone, facebook, work, etcetera. Even if it's only 20 minutes at 4 am.

    Once you move to Idaho and get a routine established, I'll bet you find more time. Plus, there the not working on Sunday thing is a biggie, so maybe you will both get lucky and have most, if not all of Sunday off.

    Also, once you are in Idaho, it will be tons easier to have help with Family History, and Troy can even take a class to help him get started and get religion credit, too!

    We're praying for you to have more time and get out to Idaho! We look forward to having you closer. And Noah is, too.