Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It All Started With A Horse

This week I started classes! I've had so much fun sitting at home and doing homework, but today I thought I needed to post something and take a brake from History and Economics.

Yesterday Troy received a call from his dad that his horse, Lakota, needs to be put down. Lakota is a big horse, like 15-16 hands and broad. The problem is he has small hoofs and ankles, which can not bare his weight very well, they knew this would be a problem as he got bigger, he is about 10-11 years old. He's been slowly laying down more, even with the medicine they give him and bribes to get him to walk a little. I asked Troy if he wanted to fly out to say good bye and to be there with Lakota, he said no. I was looked at him shocked and said "WHY!?!?"
"I knew this was coming, I already said good bye" was his response. Humbled by his words I let it go.
And it got me thinking about the after life and what it would be like. While I didn't find any doctrine on animals being in heaven, I'm sure we all can agree (hope) that animals will be there with us, that they will recognize us and know who we are. I've always seen heaven depicted with animals and can't wait to be surrounded by all the loved pets who have already gone.

Henry came to mind when all of this was brought up. I asked mom "do you think Henry will be mad that we tried to make him lose weight?" the thought that he'll be in heaven and that he'll be angry with me terrified me! Mom looked at me and said "REALLY JULIA!?!?" Henry loved food! I might have some grudges if I was him. Would he be mad that we decided to end his life? Was it to early? All these thoughts ran through my head. I said a prayer and felt that Henry had no grudges toward us, that we had made the right call.

Animals were put on this earth to help us. Oxes and horses helped the saints cross the plains, many know the story of Eliza R. Snow crossing the planes and when her last Ox got sick she gave him a blessing and the ox made the trek and lived a few years after that. That ox literally saved her and her family. While today we don't rely on our dogs and cats to pull carts across the country we rely on them for love and comfort. There are several views of giving animals blessing in the Mormon community, I have not seen or heard anything published by the church on this.

Animals have a special place in our hearts and are so pure. Animals don't have to be baptized or take the sacrament, yet they are shown in heaven. Many people believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ communicate directly to animals. How cool? How AMAZING? While I'm sure Thomas has not received the answer to the most difficult doctrine, I'm sure they communicate what is needed and what they are to do.

To lose an animal is like losing a dear friend, but having an animal is like having a piece of heaven by your side.


  1. Julia, I loved this post. I thought you might be interested in some of this...

    “Always keep in view,” Brigham Young exhorts us, “that the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms—the earth and its fulness—will all, except the children of man, abide their creation—the law by which they were made, and will receive their exaltation.”

    The Latter-day Saints, on the other hand, “have divine knowledge that they [animals] think … and reason” 33 and do possess real rights, “For all things have an equal right to live!” as President Joseph F. Smith would say. 34 We are told that early Christian groups avoided the eating of meat, “not as the flesh of irrational beasts, but as belonging to creatures having rational souls.”

    And, finally, one of my favorite quotes by President Hinckley:

    “I see and believe in the beauty of animals. Is there anything more regal than a magnificent horse–its coat brushed and clean, its head held high, its gait a symphony of motion?”

    We are praying for you!

  2. I was looking on LDS.org for stuff like this! Your just so much better at finding quotes then me. :)