Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Living In The World, Contrary To Living Of The World

With school started I have a lot of time to think. My distance learning site is an hour away, so I spend 2 hours driving to Warrenton and back. For some reason the idea of the living in the world instead of the world popped in to mind.
First of all what does this mean? Living in the world, is what it sounds like. Living in it. We all live in the world, we walk the streets, and talk to people. Living OF the world is to be sucked into it, into the latest fashions, latest "cool thing," or basically let the world run our lives.

Now we are not perfect, we have our moments, I admit, I love my American Eagle jeans, they're so cute and comfy! Silly bands! They were so fun to exchange and play with. And TV, (this is my problem) I love NCIS and Law and Order: SVU. We all have our weaknesses.
Are we supposed to give up jeans? TV? Well no. You need clothes, it's the idea that you have to have those specific jeans because so and so wears them. While there is much TV garbage out there, there is much uplifting things. You just got to look.

 Along the same idea with clothes comes the idea of modesty. Pants go on your waist, not past your butt or below your hips. Shirts should cover the torso, not have to be fought with to stay or or down or both! Is it uncool to wear a shirt with sleeves? To the world, in the summer, basically. The question is does it matter? Do I really care that people think it's weird? No not really, but it took me time to get there. There was a point, like almost everyone, that I did care. I wanted to fit in with my peers, I wanted to be accepted. But with time I got pass that, and now I couldn't care less.

Are we perfect? NOO. 

We do out best, and fix our imperfections as best we can. This is just as hard as it sounds. I used to make the excuse that in the DC area it's impossible to not be swept up with the newest thing. That you have to live in the middle of no where to make it plausible. Which isn't true, it's difficult no matter where you live.

So who is pretty darn close to perfect?


For 2 years they pretty much perfect in this. They devout 2 years to do nothing but preach about the Lord. That's it! 7 days a week they are out talking to people, and defending the gospel. Men wear black pants a white shirt and a tie, every day. Girls wear a skirt of dress that comes to midcalf. There is no TV, or video games, or latest fashions. 

Elder Hills has been an amazing example to me. He does not write home complaining or whining. He's committed to the Lord and his purpose. It's a life changing experience, when they first come home it's a process to readjust to not having every minute of every day planned and committed to one purpose. 

I hope to improve myself on this. I hope to have the desire to spend my time more doing what is uplifting rather than what is socially believed to be the best thing.

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