Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When We Found Out

Now that I've come out of the "mommy closet," I can now blog about what I've been thinking about!

I kept it to myself for so long for fear something would go wrong. How heart breaking would be to be like "I'm pregnant!" then 2 week later "I'm not pregnant..."? It's still a possibility but Troy kept telling people, and now I'm poking out.

How we found out:

I had my suspicions I was. I kept taking pregnancy tests and they kept coming up negative. Troy kept saying "you're over reacting." Well sure enough, the next week I got a little plus sign.


 was all we could say in the beginning.  We weren't really sure what to do or who to tell.
I immediately called my friend Misty. Not only does she have 13 children, but she's objective and just fun to talk too.
She knew why I was calling before I said it, she's just smart like that. She put up with the initial freak out

"My mom is going to kill me"

"Now I'm NEVER going to finish school?"

"What do I know about being a mom?"


Misty in her wisdom let me freak out and then just plainly said:

"Heavenly Father has a plan, and it will all be alright."

We talked for awhile, I calmed down and got my head straightened out.  I went in and told mom of our little surprise. Those of you who know my mother can imagine what her initial reaction was. It wasn't what you want hear when you first find out. She has gotten over the shock now. :-)
 I scheduled my OB appointment and pressed on.

Got a blood confirmation and that week I started the famous morning sickness. Only it was more like all day sickness. I spent two weeks in the bathroom, throwing up, or on the couch feeling like I was going to die. I also had low blood sugars, so I was passing out randomly.

I told some client's parents at this point because, I was unable to work for two weeks. After two weeks I was able to work and get around without passing out, but I was just tired.

It's was an exciting but rough time. :-)

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  1. I really like what your friend Misty said. I'm not very religious but those words really comforted me knowing when I do get engaged, pregnant or anything life changing and I feel that it isn't good timing, it's nice to know God has it planned out.