Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I've learned

I've learned a lot this past year and I thought it was about time I wrote it all down:

1. I have no self control when it comes to sweets. Hence why I have just put on weight.

2.I'm not meant to be that slim trim girl you see at Holister. And I'm ok with that.

3. Working, going to school, and having a baby is a lot to do. So do what you can in a day and be done with it.

4.Gerber makes horrible onesies

5. Carter's makes the best onesies.

6. Pampers diapers are the best

7. Huggies wipes are the best. I was sad that pampers wipes let me down

8. Get your self a good diaper bag. That was my one crazy purchase, and I love it.

9. Baby's Only Organic is the only formula a mother should ever use.

10.When your body says "you're not doing that today." You more than likely are not going to be doing that.

11. Babies sleep in cribs. Now, Kelli did sleep in a co-sleeper for one month. But had I had the space and the brains to get something BEFORE she had arrived. I would have gotten a bassinet. I tried taking a nap with Kelli over the last few months. And she didn't like it, I put her in her crib and she was out. Not to mention the idea that I could roll over my baby terrifies me. 

12. People like to label parenting styes, I'm always asked "what style are you doing?"
"The Kelli and Julia style" is my response. So do what works best for you and  your baby.

13. There is no such thing as too many hugs and kisses.

14. Every baby is different. While some love to be held others may not like it.

 13. I can't do everything. While I like to think I'm super women and can do it all, I can't. I have to swallow my pride and ask for help. And because I have been able to swallow my pride, I am able to get more done and Kelli gets to spend time with family. And maybe. Just maybe, I can be super woman. 
Because of all the help I can be super woman


  1. I LOVED your reply, "Kelli and Julia style" That was awesome! :) You are a great woman, Julia. I loved everything you've learned. Glad you took time to post it!

  2. Help is fabulous. Let me know if you ever need any! :)

    And the sleep thing is so funny. Jill loved to cuddle and slept great with me. Danny cannot sleep if he is touching someone. He is 100% a crib sleeper. Alice seems to be following the same as her brother. She won't even fall asleep nursing if I am nursing lying down. She will only fall asleep nursing if I am sitting and holding her. Every kid is different! So much fun to figure it out over and over again . . . ;)

    And seriously. I have no idea how you do everything that you do!
    I wish Danny would sleep with people though. It was so easy to get Jill to take naps even when she got older, because I would just lie with her, and she would fall asleep, and I'd creep away. Sigh. Totally didn't work with Danny.

  3. And seriously, I have no idea how you do all that you do!