Tuesday, July 26, 2016

August 26

The hunt is done. I was beginning to doubt this would happen, but it finally has.

I’ve been hired!

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10 interviews later, countless e-mails, sleepless nights, I got a job offer. I’m back with Fairfax County Public Schools at Franklin Middle School. I’m the Science special education teacher.

I always swore I wouldn’t teach middle school, it is its own little world. And to be honest I’m sitting here wondering “what have I gotten myself into.”


I’m going where I’m wanted. “You were the obvious candidate.” Words every person loves to hear.
I am very excited. I get to teach a subject I love and learn from what will no doubt be great staff. And to grow as a teacher.

Who knows, I might never want to leave the little world of middle school. 

August 26 I go from "stay at home Mom" back to a "working Mom."

Stay At Home Mom Mode

Working Mom Mode

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