Thursday, September 22, 2016

Change... Sucks


You probably had one of two thought when you read that:

1.      Yes, can we live under a rock together?
2.      It’s necessary. You can do, just push through it.

We all know change is necessary. It has to happen. There is no getting around it. But it sucks. I hate it. I wish it didn’t happen. I want to the end result, just not the ugly process. I want to wake up one day and have already accepted the changes and be able to cope with it.

              Yet, I managed to pick the profession where there is constantly change. Dumb move, Julia. 

Everything is different this year. New school, new schedule, new students, new colleagues, new EVERYTHING. I hate this acceptance process. Don’t get me wrong, the new school is great! I have great colleagues, they have been nothing but welcoming and helpful. The students have been (overall) great and my schedule is good.


I haven’t been stuck in a school since December of last year or with middle school students since my internship or in cat A room…. (In special ed there are two big categories. Cat A are students who need support in a regular classroom or are in a smaller class size. Cat B are severe disabilities, students who can’t do the general education curriculum.) The perk of my schedule is that I am constantly moving throughout the building so I’m not stuck to the same four walls for 7hrs.

I miss everyone from my other school and from the Marriott. I now have a training near the Marriott, it’s been hard to drive by and not see my friends there. And I will have this training every week for almost all of the school year.

These past two weeks I’ve been asked a lot “are you ok?” by everyone. Home, school, church, neighbors, etc. I clearly have not been hiding my distress of this change well.

But because of this painful change I’ve made some positive changes these past few months. Not just work. I’ve colored my hair, started going to the gym (I know weird!), and have realized I am capable of doing anything I want. I’ve always known the later, but lately I’ve really felt it. Is it because of this change? 

So, am I “Ok?” Not really. But I will be.

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  1. Good for you, Julia!! (Said sincerely, not sarcastically.)

    I needed this video today, maybe you do too?