Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 7

I felt today required more than a simple Facebook post. For those of you coming in late, my mom is out of town for 10 days, this puts the rest of us on 24/7 Dad duty.

In case you didn’t already know I like to have things done in a certain way. If I’m going to have to do most (or all) of the work, we are going to do this my way. Not the “easier” way or the way you might think it will work better. Nope. This has been my mentality the past 7 days.

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Mornings are hard, getting Kelli up and ready for camp and getting Dad up and ready so that I can get them both fed and ready for the day. I’ve been doing this mostly alone.

This morning we had someone from church coming over to hang out with Dad, this way Troy and I could keep an appointment. I was attempting to make the house some what presentable and “make” breakfast (AKA Cereal). I had run down stairs to put something away and when I came back up Kelli came running up to me so excited.

She had given Papa (what she calls Dad) grapes and a cup of juice all by herself. She was so excited that she was “a helper.” I couldn’t help it. I cried. My 4-year-old took the initiative to give her grandfather breakfast as her Mom was trying to do other things.

Grapes and Juice for Breakfast

30 min later the man who had volunteered 2 hours of his morning showed up.
Within 30 minutes I had been smacked on the head twice. Then later in the day my sister and I were having a heated discussion about Saturday’s schedule. And I have learned an ugly lesson:

 Yes, I can do a lot, but I can’t do it all. 

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Not me 

I have to surrender to the idea that other people can help, and help in different ways. I may not always get the help I want in the way I want it. (Is that too much to ask for!?) But I have to take what I can get and roll with it.

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This is a lesson I have learned over-and-over. But it is also a lesson that I have forgotten over and over. I am always reminded of this butt kicking lesson at what appears to be the worst of times.
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The Lesson I Never Remember 

But it is really the best times. 

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