Tuesday, October 11, 2011

17 Miracles

Recently a new Mormon film came out called 17 Miracles. Let me just say this movie is fabulous. Even if you're not Mormon you'd love the movie. It's filled with hope, strength, and love. Any Christian should watch this movie.

Amazon- 17 MiraclesAfter the movie I decided I wanted to learn more about my family that crossed the plains in a handcart company. Two Hafens crossed the plains, the Hafens are my mother's father's side. A mother and daughter. I am unable to find out more at the time. I plan to ask my parents for some more information, I know we have some journals. Then there were some McMullin's my mother's mother side. Both were directed by Brigham Young to settle Southern Utah. I hope that more people are doing family research now. It's so amazing to learn more about where you came from. For example, only 2 brother's whose last name was Hills came to the US. There are several Hill, but very few Hills in the US. Why? Only 2 people came with that name. I'm sure over  the years more have come but the fraction is still very small. Decedents of them built the Mayflower. How cool is that!?
After watching it I started thinking of the miracles in my life. I decided I wanted to make a list of the 17 miracles in my life. At first I wasn't sure how I would get 17, but once I got going it was easy. I thought about posting it, but upon further thought I decided it was better for me to keep this to myself and challenge my few readers, to write down 17 miracles in their lives. It sounds hard, but once you get going you begin to realize there are more than 17.
But one miracle in my life that I will share is the miracle of family. Over the years I have been able to see several kinds of families. But the ones that always stand out is the ones that are united. Those families can have a tornado thrown at them and they'll still come out as one. My family has been through unemployment, people in and out of hospitals, Bipolar disorder, 4 people with ADD/LD, having no money, death, and now Alzheimer and marriage. 
Even though I bet no one will go out and watch 17 Miracles after this I hope you will take the challenge of listing miracles in your life and learning more about where you come from.

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  1. What a beautifull idea! I am going to start writing down my 17 Miracles (in addition to each of my children, of course).

    Thanks for posting this!