Friday, November 18, 2011

The Nanny

Never have I realized before what being "a Nanny" in tales and how it is for all parties.
As the Nanny, after a while you start to feel like this is your child. You start telling the parents you need to do this, and this, "Don't forget!" things that would come out of a parent's mouth. And after you've been with the same child for a long time the parents will ask "since when did they like...?" "Do they like...?" I've already got both of these questions. I'm going to be gone for part of next week, and I'm already thinking "I got to tell the parents... Hope they don't... Make sure they know.." It's insane!You're like the other mother, that gets paid, and has to deal with everything that the real mother doesn't.

For everyone who socializes with said child. They don't know the parents. The nanny is the only one they see, to them the parents are unknown. If they don't see the Nanny, they ask "who are you?' School only sees them when asked to come and when the dreaded day comes.. The nanny calls in sick. And then the parents are like "what do I do with my child for 10hours!?!"

The parents. Now here I can only speculate. I'm told they only wish they were with their child. Which I'm sure is toward the end, not that they ever give let the nanny leave early if they get home early. And I'm sure they are confused and guilty when they learn something new or again, when they are faced with the child all day. The parent's have one of 2 attitudes toward the nanny. One: I'm so thankful for them! Two: I pay them they better do this, be here, etc etc.

The child. Again speculation. They get INCREDIBLY attached to the nanny. I'm sure they are confused at some points when the nanny is gone. And at some points they want the nanny. Which I'm always fascinated by. They get so attached, and used to the nanny, that is who they want. This is the person you see 90% of your waking week with. Especially if you've had them for a year +.

My view in all this. Having seen all this, it has made my want to raise my own children even stronger. I want my children to want me all the time and to not be confused as to who is taking care of them when. I want them to learn from other adults, see them, but to understand that I am the one that will be with them day in and day out. This is something Troy has been confused about. He says "what about work" I've been raised with my mother home, as long as I was not in school. As long as they're home, I'll stay home. No one else is raising my children. What kind of parent do you want to be?

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